The Italian singer Andrea Bocelli finds it absurd that concerts by opera singer Plácido Domingo are canceled because several women have accused them of sexual harassment. That's what Bocelli says to Associated Press on Tuesday.

"I am stunned by what happened to this fantastic artist," said Bocelli about what Domingo experienced in recent months. "I don't understand this. So tomorrow a woman can just say that Andrea Bocelli has assaulted her ten years ago. From that moment on, nobody wants to sing with me anymore and the opera houses don't call me anymore. It's absurd."

According to Bocelli, no one is allowed to make judgments in this kind of cases before the accused person has actually been found guilty and convicted. "If that happens with Domingo I will of course adjust my moral judgment about this person, but not my opinion about his artistic qualities. Because those are two different things."

Bocelli is currently in preparation for his tour through the United States, which begins in December in San Francisco, the place where a Domingo concert was recently canceled.

Twenty women now accuse Domingo of sexual harassment. The opera singer is said to have touched them undesirably, insisted on intimate encounters, and harassed them by telephone in the night hours. Domingo claims to be innocent.