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“Descriptive questions” Business operators grasp examples of correct answers in advance


This is a new concern for the “university entrance examination”, where the English private exam was postponed. Common tests introduce descriptive questions in national language and mathematics ...

“Descriptive question” The business operator grasps the correct answer example in advance. University admission test November 12th 17:03

This is a new concern for the “university entrance examination”, where the English private exam was postponed. The common test introduces descriptive questions in Japanese language and mathematics, but it is a mechanism in which private business operators who have been assigned scoring are informed of questions and examples of correct answers from the university entrance examination center before conducting the test. I understood that. The center is trying to speed up the scoring, but experts point out that if there is a problem in the private sector before the test, there are concerns about leaks.

The “University Admission Common Test”, which replaces the center test, will be held in January next year, and will introduce the descriptive questions for the first time in addition to the traditional mark sheet method in Japanese language and mathematics.

The scoring was entrusted to Benesse affiliates, but the country has not revealed details on how to properly proceed with the scoring of 500,000 descriptive expressions.

About this, NHK has obtained a material called “Specifications” that describes the scoring procedures and so on by the University Entrance Examination Center.

It clearly stated that Benesse affiliated companies were involved in the preparation of correct answer examples and scoring standards before conducting the test. In other words, private businesses are in a position to be informed of questions and examples of correct answers before the exam.

The university entrance examination center wants to prevent the leakage of problems by ensuring that confidentiality obligations are strictly observed, as well as not being able to score a large amount of time in a short period of 20 days unless it is such a method. The

Regarding the common test, the introduction of a private English test has just been postponed the other day.

“As an affiliate of the educational industry that sells examination materials, it is extremely unusual if an affiliate in the education industry that sells examination materials knows the problems and correct answers before conducting the examination. , There are concerns that the standards will be modified to prioritize scoring. "

Descriptive problems Background and issues

The problem of description formula is to be newly introduced in the national language and mathematics of “University Entrance Test” starting in January 2021, in order to measure the thinking ability and expressive power that were considered difficult with the conventional mark sheet method. became.

The national language is limited to 120 characters, and three questions are raised, and the evaluation is performed in five stages.
In mathematics, three questions that answer mathematical formulas are given and scored in the same way as mark sheets.

The challenge for the introduction was how to score.
All university entrance examinations were mark sheets, so they could be scored by machine. Initially, the use of AI = artificial intelligence was also considered, but its practical use was postponed.

As a result, it was decided that the scoring would be entrusted to the Benesse affiliated company, “Academic Ability Evaluation Research Organization”, in August.

Benesse's affiliate plans to use about 10,000 as a grader, but it also includes student part-time jobs, raising concerns about the fairness and fairness of the exam. The

On the other hand, each university is supposed to use a five-level evaluation of the description formula for scoring, but some universities such as Tohoku University have a common test description formula because of concerns about fairness. Is not used in principle for pass / fail judgment.

Source: nhk

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