Issaad Younis has been subjected to a large-scale attack on the media, especially after announcing the hosting of the young artist Yasmin Sabri in her program "Her Excellency." Asaad Younis has recently announced that she is hosting Yasmine through a photo that some considered provocative, where she published a picture of Yasmine's back saying “who knows who de Min will attend the episode with us”, but the interaction of the audience came contrary to the expected where a large number of followers that Yasmin Sabri is not She has no artistic history until she is hosted in a great program like "Her Excellency".

But after the broadcast of the episode changed the views of the followers, it seemed a beautiful suit Yasemin was interesting and talked about her relationship with the sport favorite "Kickbox" which caused her to cut the cruciate ligament and laceration lateral ligament and anterior ligament of the knee, and revealed that she underwent serious surgery, and was walking on a crutch, and fought A journey of physical therapy in London the doctor asked her to swim because she holds the body and does not carry it.

Yasmin replied to repeated rumors about her secret marriage to a Gulf businessman and before her rumors of her association with a Gulf blogger and revealed the specifications of the boy dreams that want to link to him, and set a prerequisite is to be attractive and added: It is not an idea of ​​course, I am taking Bali from myself, want Someone who takes the mind of himself, if I am working on myself, want to be somebody who works on himself, not want to end Shaif himself rigid Ui, and sincere before that. "

Sabri continued to develop a list of specifications by saying: Do not betray or high, but the middle, and to be long, and without Shanab, and to be a sportsman working on himself.

She wished to be brown or wheat skin, and his eyes remain black and possible be in the eyes of colorful and sweet, and hair soft, and said: If they stayed bald Hangerh, and light chin.

Yasmin Sabri said she wanted to marry an ordinary person and not a star of society, saying: "He must be educated, try to learn, not a condition to be rich."