Comedian Youp van 't Hek can be seen in the first episode of the Sinterklaasjournaal , which started on NPO3 on Monday evening, as an angry campaigner named Piet Zwart.

Like every year, various well-known Dutch people play in the Sinterklaas journal , which has been presented since 2001 by Dieuwertje Blok. This year, among others, John van den Heuvel plays as a police officer.

Van 't Hek can be seen as leader of the Piet Zwart Action Group, who appears to have nothing to do with the appearance of Zwarte Piet: they protest against the appearance of gingerbread cookies in the store too soon.

The captain is called Piet Zwart, so he named the action group after himself. "I am Piet Zwart", says the character of Van 't Hek. "Is something wrong with that?"

This year, for the first time, no black-painted beets can be seen in the Sinterklaas journal . Instead, the Petes have smudges on their faces.

Alternative Saint Nicholas Journal

Stichting Nationale Sinterklaas is going to broadcast an alternative Sinterklaas journal from Monday: De Staff van Sinterklaas , which does feature completely black-painted vanes.

According to that organization, a person without a "black look " is confusing for children.