Following the Dutch-language Netflix series Undercover , the streaming service will now also co-produce a feature film in which some Dutch is spoken. The already announced movie Battle of the Scheldt revolves around the military operation Battle of the Scheldt and will be screened in November 2020, 75 years after the liberation of the Netherlands.

Alain de Levita, known from, among others, Banker of the Resistance , will produce the war drama, Variety reports Monday. The direction is in the hands of Matthijs van Heijningen. The film, which has a budget of 15.5 million dollars (14 million euros), will not only be seen via Netflix, but will also be shown in Dutch cinemas.

The story is set in 1944 and is about the military operation in the north of Belgium and the southwest of the Netherlands. It was the largest operation on Dutch territory during the Second World War.

The story revolves around three people involved in the operation: a young Dutch man who fights alongside the Germans, a lost British glider pilot and a young girl who is part of the resistance movement.

Gijs Blom, known from Boys and Painkillers among others , will play the role of the Dutch man and Jamie Flatters (also to be seen in the sequel to Avatar) will take on the role of the British pilot. Susan Radder can be seen in the other lead role.

The NPO and EO are also involved in the film, which will be their first collaboration with Netflix. Other producers include director Paula van der Oest ( Tonio ) and Mark van Eeuwen (who previously played in Good Times, Bad Times and the musical De Bodyguard, among others).