A dwarf deer that scientists thought had been extinct for nearly 30 years was spotted on camera images in Vietnam, according to a study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution on Monday.

It would be the so-called Tragulus versicolor, an animal that is almost the same size as a domestic cat. Scientists thought the animal had disappeared due to leopards, wild dogs, and pythons.

A research team tracked down the dwarf deer after questioning the local population of the three Vietnamese provinces in which the animal was last spotted around 1990.

Cameras with motion sensors were then placed in the same environment, which were monitored for five months. Initially, the animal was recorded at 72 different times, but after placing more cameras in the immediate vicinity, that number was adjusted upwards: 208. It is not clear how many different dwarf deer are involved.

The researchers demand that action be taken to protect the population. Thus there should no longer be hunted with snares, which according to them contributed to the precarious situation of the dwarf deer.


Scientists are filming extinct dwarf deer


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