The weather is cold without pity, and the sky is cloudy with angry clouds. These columns are connected by small rectangular flags, with different colors, in a certain order of order: red, green, yellow, blue, and white. But it seems that this platform is used to infer the road, especially in this harsh nature, which will not forgive you anything wrong. But why should I take care of these issues that will not add anything? It is time to celebrate ?! Finally I did .. Yes I did it has succeeded in reaching the camp «Everest» primary! What I would like to say on this special occasion is that there is no place for the word impossible, and dreams are boundless. What a feeling! I stand between the great Himalayas and humility fills me. Let me describe to you the scene I am seeing now. This is a Sherpa man standing behind the pseudo-Apollo temple opposite me. Three of the adventurers are heading to an unknown destination .. The land is full of large and medium-sized rocks, and walking between them is not easy .. And to the left of the pointed peaks of glaciers lined behind each other in a military queue, declaring full compliance with the laws of nature! I am standing here in a fence of towering mountains, which I do not know whether to protect me or imprison me in its majestic fortress. Well, I think I have to run away in any way urgently.

What is that?! where am I?! Woe to me Woe to me It's a volcano! Why jinx always haunted me ?! It has not been a minute since I escaped the Himalayan power until the pot dropped me into this boiling pot! The maps show me that I am now standing inside the crater of the Marum volcano on the South Pacific island of Vanuatua. Mr. Marum seems to have disliked my presence. He is loudly speaking to me, but I do not feel any heat or even fear. Come on, try to kill me, Mr. Marum, I swear to you that you will not be able to, and I will remain a heavy guest until you quench, you will not be patient with me! After spending some time inside the crater, I decided to come home, and after another minute I arrive safely unharmed to my beloved country!

Some of you may think that I have supernatural powers that enabled me to reach the primary camp of Everest so quickly, and then move at the speed of light to the volcano «Marom», which is thousands of kilometers in less than a minute! The secret here is that I have followed another type of travel, a special kind will not expose you to the traditional travel hardships but it may hurt your fingers a little! This is called virtual travel, with Google Street View, which covers millions of kilometers on 360-degree cameras, and thousands of stunning areas around the world from the Amazon rainforest to the Indian Ocean islands, to the Antarctic frozen continent! It's a travel before traveling! It is an entertaining way to spend time and explore very remote places with the push of a button from your home, and if you decide to visit the places you visited at the beginning of the article in fact it took you at least 15 days!

So I chose to travel with «Google» .. What about you?


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