The writer Sultan Al Amimi and the scriptwriter Mohammed Hassan Ahmed said that the UAE local novel possesses the elements of a successful drama industry in light of its ability to touch the pulse of the reader and the viewer, and its flexibility to transfer the text from mind to sight, and the lack of technical obstacles to the cooperation of the novelist and the drama production team.

This came during a seminar of dramatic novels organized by the Foundation of the Sea of ​​Culture within the activities of the Sharjah International Book Fair, moderated by Maher Mansour, and reviewed the novel Amimi «PO Box 1003», which turned into a drama, the script was written by Mohamed Hassan Ahmed.

What the novelist wants from the drama, Amimi said: «Scenarios - as one of the most important drama workshops - needs to be close to the work of fiction, and has previous experiences, and there is no doubt that the taste of artistic and aesthetic sense other factors contribute to the service of work, all these factors "The distance between the novelist and the drama is closer.

While Mohamed Hassan Ahmed said that «the novelist did not give the writer of dialogue enough space to fly in the space of the novel, it will hinder many other episodes such as productivity and accessories, because the drama puts the viewer in the picture he painted for him, and it needs a great effort, while the novel allows the imagination Flying in their spaces without any problems ».

The participants in the symposium agreed that the success of the novel, which has been transformed into a dramatic work, is not based on the opinions of narrators, critics, or even a large part of viewers of different opinions, but rather on the basis of artistic assets governing the drama industry, and meets its requirements, The execution workshops, such as dialogue, photography, directing and lighting, provide enough space for a creative dramatic novelist.

The success of the novel, which has become a drama, is not based on the opinions of critics and viewers, but on the basis of artistic origins.