Interview Celebration Parade Baggage inspection at the booth for the visitors November 10th 4:05

At this celebration parade, the Metropolitan Police Department will set up a booth surrounded by iron fences for visitors to see along the roadside. In order to enter this booth, it is necessary to undergo baggage inspection, and the Metropolitan Police Department will establish 29 and 40 baggage inspection areas.

Baggage inspection will take place prior to the parade from 3pm, starting at 8am in front of Nijubashi and Masanori Kashiwagi, from 8am, and 3 points of Shukutahashi and Sakuradamon after 11am , 23 locations, including before the Diet, in front of the Prefectural Hall, in front of the Akasaka Post Office, are after noon.

Taking a place from the previous day is prohibited.

Baggage inspection prohibits the introduction of dangerous goods such as knives, cans, bottles, etc., and drinks in plastic bottles must be drunk on the spot to indicate that they are not dangerous goods.

There will be a temporary toilet near the booth for visitors, but to go outside and re-enter, you will need to go through the baggage inspection again.

The Metropolitan Police Department is calling for the use of public transportation because coin parking near the route is no longer available, but for security purposes, the Tokyo Metro Aoyama 1-chome Station, Nagatacho Station, Akasaka Mitsuke Station, Sakuradamon Station, which are in the immediate vicinity of the route The use of some doorways at the four stations is restricted.

Coin lockers can no longer be used.

This information is posted on the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department website and calls for confirmation in advance.

The prohibited act of the booth for visitors

Celebration parade visitors' booths are prohibited to carry not only dangerous objects such as knives but also camera tripods and stepladders, as well as sticks for taking photos of themselves, so-called “selfie sticks”.

Brings to the booth for visitors are prohibited, such as knifes, scissors, saws, blades, lighters, firecrackers, fireworks, fireworks, bottles, cans, drones, flying toys, flyers, banners, loudspeakers An object such as a machine that may interfere with the progress of the event.

In addition, sticks that allow you to take your own photos with a smartphone installed, so-called “selfie sticks”, camera tripods, stepladders to stand high, etc. are also prohibited as they cause trouble.

In addition, pets and other animals are prohibited, except for dogs that assist the lives of people with reduced mobility, such as guide dogs.

The following actions are also prohibited: For example, entering a restricted area, moving freely, throwing or shouting, playing musical instruments, drinking or smoking.

It is also forbidden to shoulder a child to see the parade line, to interrupt the line, or to jump out suddenly.

Sending congestion status via Twitter

Because many people are expected to visit the booths for visitors to be installed along the road at the celebration parade, the Metropolitan Police Department will announce the congestion status of each booth on Twitter.

Last year, approximately 117,000 people visited the Heisei Celebration Parade, and it is expected that many people will visit this time too, so the Metropolitan Police Department is crowded with booths for visitors on the official Twitter of the Public Relations Division. Or, I decided to display the congestion status in different colors in real time.

The full booth is "Black", the crowded area is "Red", the crowded area is "Yellow", the empty area is "Green", and the baggage inspection has not started. Is displayed in white.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department calls on such information to observe and observe the rules.

Twitter “@MPD_koho” of the Metropolitan Police Department Public Relations Division.

Train transit time and highlights

The highlights of this celebration parade and viewing are summarized by location.

The Emperor takes an open car with the Empress and leaves the Imperial Palace around 3:00 pm and goes out to the public road through the double bridge of the Imperial Palace, which is a tourist attraction.

The train is scheduled to run at a speed of approximately 10 km per hour, and if you proceed at this pace, you can pass around the Sakuradamon area while the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department performs, and enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere.

At around 3: 9 pm you will pass in front of the National Diet Building. Here you can see the train line with the parliament building.

Around 3:13 pm, you will be on Aoyama Street, the highlight of the parade.

It is expected to increase the number of visitors because it is closed on a four-lane street on one side and a main road of about 20 meters wide.

After 3:15 pm, the trains appear over the Akasaka Mitsuke overpass.

You can see the train line over 400 meters.

Around 3:27 pm, around the Gondawara, the SDF ceremonial corps and music team will greet and arrive at the Akasaka Imperial Land around 3:30 pm.

Traffic regulation around the route

In line with the parade celebrating the emperor's throne, the Metropolitan Police Department will regulate traffic on the Metropolitan Expressway and general roads close to the parade route.

In the parade, the Emperor, along with the Empress, can take approximately 4.6 kilometers from the Imperial Palace to the Akasaka Imperial Land.

For this reason, traffic restrictions are imposed on the parade route and the surrounding metropolitan expressways and ordinary roads.

The Metropolitan Expressway is closed between 1:30 pm and 4 pm between Takebashi Junction on the Tokyo Metropolitan Loop Line and Tanimachi Junction, and between Miyakezaka Junction on the No. 4 Shinjuku Line and Nishi Shinjuku Junction.

The public road is closed from 7 am to 4:30 pm around the Imperial Palace.

In the vicinity of Sakuradamon, from 7am to 9am, from 11am to 4:30 pm, in the vicinity of the Diet and Akasaka Imperial Land, from 7am to 9am, from noon to 4pm Each half will be closed.

The traffic regulation time varies from place to place, so the Metropolitan Police Department checks the website in advance and wants you to follow the guidance of police officers on site.