Robbery Murder Case Man's mobile phone on the second floor of the house

In an incident where a 55-year-old man was stabbed and murdered in a house in Higashi-Kurume City, Tokyo, a man's mobile phone was found on the second floor of the house. The Metropolitan Police Department analyzes mobile phone communication histories and checks whether they were involved in trouble before the incident.

On the 8th, in a house in Higashi-Kurume, Tokyo, Kazuhiro Nioka (55), a company employee who lives in this house, was found killed by being stabbed in more than 30 places such as the chest with blades. We are investigating as a robbery murder case.

According to the survey so far, Mr. Nioka has been involved in an incident after a LINE exchange at around midnight with a woman in her 50s who was traveling abroad, but the Metropolitan Police Department. As a result of the on-site verification, it was found through interviews with investigators that the mobile phone used for this exchange was found on the second floor of the house.

Also, when the police officer rushed to the house after receiving the report, the lights in all the rooms were turned off.

Mr. Nioka seems to have been attacked from dawn to dawn, and the Metropolitan Police Department investigates that there is also a suspicion that someone has invaded with lighting equipment, analyzes the mobile phone communication history, and gets involved in trouble before the incident We are investigating whether it was not.