The Kuwaiti writer and novelist, Meshaal Hamad, it is easy for any writer to review the linguistic potential in front of his readers, but it thus deceives them and exhausts them, and make many of them display what he writes. He stressed that the challenge in using easy words, but with a deep content and many meanings. Hamad added that «people like to read sometimes, because they have a problem of expression and need to express it, and because crying, for example, is a defect in our societies, they resort to someone to cry on their behalf».

During a seminar within the cultural activities of the Sharjah International Book Fair, Hamad revealed that he is always with easy and abstaining speech, explaining that he is not interested or concerned with the number of pages, and against the fatigue of the reader a large number of them in vain, especially as we live in an era where everything is fast rhythm, and on the novel To accelerate her rhythm, adding that people mature and change her thinking and perspective of things, and the novel must change its format accordingly. Hamad stressed that the achievement for the writer is to draw characters that people feel they know, and that they have a relationship with them, and that they represent them and resemble them, and to live the details of the protagonist, and to be influenced with him and ultimately try to reincarnate emotionally. He pointed out that the personalities of his novels belong to the ground, they are all true, whether they are people close to him or passing, and the environment of his novels, he said that he writes about places he saw and tested experiences in it.

On one of the most frequently asked questions to the writer, specifically about the rituals of writing as a source of inspiration; Hamad stressed that his source of inspiration is not linked to something specific, and stated that he knows a writer writes in front of television and his voice is loud to the maximum, and another comes to inspiration while driving, stressing that inspiration is difficult Be associated with a specific place or ritual.

He advised those who wanted to write a book and publish it, to search first and foremost for a publishing house of a name and status, carrying a cultural and literary message, and ask writers have experiences with this house before choosing a place for the birth of his book.

160 hours of media broadcasting

During its coverage of the 38th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair, the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority (SRTA) provided 160 hours of media broadcasts, in which all its audio-visual and social media channels participated.

The Sharjah channel broadcast the largest share of the program of transport events, which was presented by the Authority during the period from 30 October last and concluded on Saturday, where it broadcast a total of (55) hours, while Radio Sharjah, broadcast since the start of the exhibition (30) hours, while covering Plus 95 (53) broadcasts centered around events.

Al-Sharqiya channel from Kalba contributed to covering 11 hours of the exhibition.

There is no specific source of inspiration, I know a writer who writes in front of television and his voice is loud, and another comes from inspiration while driving.