In a previous article, I spoke about the withdrawal of the international emblem from the rule of Sultan Marzouqi, and I referred to the right of the Committee to nominate to the international emblem, as it has criteria and foundations, and not random, as well as the withdrawal of the emblem is subject to the same criteria.

When asked by the Chairman of the Referees Committee, either by personal contact or through the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, there was a lack of clarity and transparency, as it refers to a list that has not been adopted by the Confederation or the International Federation, as if it evaded the obvious answer.

The fact is that it does not benefit silence after the retirement of international rule Sultan Marzouki, because of the injustice suffered, as the Chairman of the Commission pointed to the preparation of rulers for the future, and when you talk about it, the choice must be based on clear criteria for all, including all the rulers, whether from They carry the international emblem, or those who aspire to it.

The goal here is not to be subjected to injustice, as happened with Marzouki. I assure the Chairman of the Referees Committee, the Technical Director and all those concerned that taking a decision to lose the dream of an Emirati citizen to represent the UAE in international forums, in a way that I can only say about arbitrariness and abuse of powers, is not subject to criteria, as it seems that the decision is personal, what Confirms that the defect lies in management.

Question to the president of the federation, the chairpersons of the committees, the president of the referees committee, the technical director and the secretary general of the football federation: Do you think that the rest of the referees will trust you, whether they have the international emblem or those who aspire to get it? The fact that the sports street does not trust you.

The vibration in arbitration decisions despite the presence of the mouse technology, and the increasing arbitration errors evidence condemnation, and the instability of the match referees due to their insecurity with those who make decisions that may dispel their dreams, to achieve their goals in representing the UAE in the forums International at any moment, without clear standards.

Some analysts of arbitration cases are subject to the principle of courtesies with some of the stadium judges. It gives excuses, but it loses a slice of followers, and the trust of viewers, since everyone has become aware of and follows in every detail the regulations and laws of football, and our analyst friend does not understand that the regulations Arbitration is available to everyone, and it seems that it does not understand that we are in the age of artificial intelligence, and we are no longer in the days of black and white, the world today is in our hands thanks to modern technologies.

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Some analysts for arbitration cases are subject to the principle of courtesies with some court judges.