I was attracted by the announcement of a new service in a cinema complex, which is spread in most commercial centers, about the possibility of watching the movie Distraction Free, ie without distractions or disturbing things to the viewer. Things are rude in our galleries, including talking loudly and exaggerating the use of the smartphone to update the accounts «Social Media», and to inform followers of what the user is watching, and filming the film and uploading images on «Snapchat», as well as respond to «Whatsapp», The worse the phone is ringing, answering calls.

I do not know what the utility of the service is if the providers do not ask their customers to deliver their smartphones outside the lounge, and put them in designated places, such as numbered cabinets each user holds the key to his closet. Because there is no actual deterrent other than this, or the other alternative is the inevitable use of the phone inside the lounge.

Service officials say that the employee asks the chattering viewer to close his mouth! My question: what about other lounges? Are you allowed to chat? This means that the cinema department says you can chat here and close your mouth there! My opinion is that the service is just a marketing ploy.

Of course, if your phone rings with an important call, it will allow you to leave and talk outside the lounge, then return to your seat. This movement in itself is annoying to the person sitting next to you, because your device will light up, and it will come out, making a fuss with your steps.

A man I know tried the service and said that he did not feel a difference between them and the chatter halls, because the person sitting nearby, used his phone once every five minutes, causing confusion for our owner, whose eyes moved to the small bright screen in the hope of extinguishing.

The chatter in halls has become a feature of the current decade in Britain and the United States, having been confined to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. There are reasons for this, including: the rise of comics, and its majority of teenagers, accompanied by the dominance of «Social Media», and the acquisition of the attention of the people, it is evident experience that adolescents - regardless of nationality and ethnicity - enter for «Social Media »Not the movie.

This proves my view of attending a science fiction film that is not specifically directed at teenagers.

In London, I attended a horror film, and I also noticed gossip from teenagers, as well as screen shooting, albeit less than our local galleries. Officials there do not mind that, as long as they do not bother anyone or harmless, they said, adding that «Social Media» halls help promote the film.

I am writing this article on my smartphone, amid hundreds of shells of WhatsApp messages sweeping the top of my screen. I answered only necessary ones. I think it is necessary for the times to develop the ability to ignore distractions, because they will not stop strictly from the service of preventing chatter and smartphone in movies, for example, or self-discipline mechanism applied by the individual to himself.


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