Escaped man escapes handcuffs at a few minutes to the police station November 10th 4:17

The police prosecutor said that the handcuffs were tough and said that the police officer took off his handcuffs in the case that the Osaka Prosecutor's Office escaped in Osaka in Higashi-Osaka City on the 9th. I found that it was a few minutes until I arrived at the station. The question remains whether the judgment was valid.

In the early morning of the 9th, the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office escaped in Higashi-Osaka City while escorting Ryotaro Oue (42), who was charged with the use of stimulants, by car.

The prosecution is looking for the whereabouts with the police, but has not been able to secure the personality even after a full day.

The reason for the escape was that the prosecutor's office official said that the handcuffs were tight from the defendant, and removed the left handcuffs while driving.

The prosecution said that the act of removing the handcuffs itself did not violate internal rules, but the escape location was found to be about 600 meters away from the police station at the escort.

It remains a question whether the current decision to remove handcuffs at a few minutes before arrival was appropriate.

The Osaka District Prosecutor accepted the request of the defendant's woman who was scheduled to be detained on the 30th of last month.