The Central Bank is working to increase the percentage of Emiratisation in the banking sector by at least 40%, during the next three years, through the application of points system to ensure a reasonable distribution of those working among banks on the basis of size, after the bank noted the existence of some banking entities that need To accelerate the pace of recruitment and training of citizens.

Certainly an ambitious plan, the banking sector is one of the most important sectors that the government relies on to attract citizens, but in order to reach this ambitious ratio must be followed-up and strict control, and clear conditions set for banks to commit to employ citizens in a form and content, because most of these banks and banks now appoint citizens In other words, they are trying to keep them away from any important content. I mean, confining them to job grades and very simple tasks, without making a comprehensive plan for them to upgrade, develop or reach sovereign positions in the bank!

There is a legal circumvention that is currently taking place to increase the employment of citizens in banks and banks, circumvention is no longer a secret to anyone, the outsourcing of some services and the selection of external companies to hire foreign employees to work in banks, without being part of their staff, which has become noticeable to the majority of banks, Do it to raise the proportion of its citizens working while the truth is the opposite!

Not only that, but the jobs allocated to citizens never exceed the simple job grades, and remain senior leadership positions and positions of sovereign decision-making, however, other groups, which raises the risk, and increases the possibility of abuses of the laws of the Central Bank, or the laws of the Bank The same when the customer or the customer of the decision-making nationality in the bank concerned!

We do not question anyone, not everyone is bad, it is a fact that we believe in, but the presence of the citizen in the circle of strategic or sovereign decision-making in any bank, a safety valve for the bank on the one hand, and the national economy on the other, and the Central Bank is required to follow up and control banks and banks, To ensure that there is a clear plan for the inclusion of qualified citizens in the strategic decision-making in banks, not only an annual rate announced by the banks to recruit citizens, without announcing the quality of jobs or degrees of employment that these citizens hired them!

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