The actress, who herself denounced touching teenage girl from a filmmaker, called Saturday to support Valentine Monnier, who accuses Roman Polanski of rape.

The actress Adèle Haenel, who denounced a few days ago "touching" suffered as a teenager, called Saturday to "support" the French Valentine Monnier, who accuses the director Roman Polanski to have raped her in 1975 then that she was eighteen.

The "awareness" evoked by many people since the testimony of Adele Haenel "commits us today to welcome the word of Valentine Monnier, to support, to take care of its history," says the actress in a message transmitted to the Parisian and Mediapart, and published in full on Twitter by the journalist of Mediapart Marine Turchi.

#Polanski case:

Adele Haenel reacts to @Mediapart and @le_Parisien to the testimony of Valentine Monnier and also evokes "a new awareness":

- Marine Turchi (@marineturchi) November 9, 2019

Le Parisien published Friday the testimony of this photographer, former model, who explains having decided to publicly bear this accusation because of the release in France of the film J'accuse , which relates to a miscarriage of justice, the Dreyfus Affair. She states that she did not file a complaint for these prescribed facts. Her accusations add to those of other women against Roman Polanski in recent years.

"I go out of her way to read her testimony"

"I fully support the approach of Valentine Monnier and I am overwhelmed by the reading of her testimony.I believe her.His approach arouses all the more admiration that his attacker is powerful," says Adele Haenel.

The 30-year-old actress, who has become one of France's best-known and most acclaimed French actresses, has accused another director, Christophe Ruggia, of "touching" and "sexual harassment" when she was aged between 12 and 15, in a survey published on Nov. 3 by Mediapart. The actress had already ruled Monday in an interview with the online media, that the situation of Roman Polanski was "unfortunately an emblematic case" of abuse.