Launched at the Arab Youth Center in Abu Dhabi, the activities of the workshop of human brotherhood, which comes within the activities of the National Festival of Tolerance and Humanitarian Brotherhood, under the slogan: «on the Zayed approach».

The workshop focuses on explaining the terms of the Humanitarian Brotherhood document, which was signed by His Holiness the Pope and Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb, in Abu Dhabi in February, and its role in supporting the values ​​of tolerance locally and globally for all participants. One-minute film on their own.

During the next phase, the works will be presented and critiqued by a panel of three experts and academics in the production of short films. The Director General of the Office of the Minister of Tolerance, Afra Al-Sabri, said that the aim of the workshop is to introduce young people to the document of human brotherhood and its importance, and the objectives of the Ministry of Tolerance, and to discuss the points of the document in detail, and to enable participants through the photography camp to identify the most important techniques needed to produce a good quality film suitable for publication on sites Social networking, then divide tasks for groups to prepare videos, train them to use available technologies such as mobile phone or digital cameras available in the production of short films, access to the process of rapid editing, and add effects, music and sounds to the uncle To, to be ready for viewing on social media. She added that the workshop is attended by 45 young people from different nationalities, graduates and university students, photography and video production, as they are theoretically and practically trained and the opportunity to produce a short film does not exceed one minute, noting that during the second phase of the workshop, each one will be presented Participants include a film in one of three topics related to the document: dialogue, acquaintance and joint action, as attributes of tolerant personality, which is an important point in the document of human brotherhood. Afra Al-Sabri expressed her appreciation for the cooperation between the Ministry of Tolerance and the Arab Youth Center and a number of universities, praising the efforts of the international experts supervising the workshop, expecting that the workshop will produce many wonderful works, which can be used to promote the document of human brotherhood and tolerance, as the most effective means of art The public, especially young people.

She pointed out that the workshop revealed the real talents among the participants, and can benefit from their energies in the activities of the ministry, during the next phase, and they can produce their own work, to be displayed in their institutions on tolerance with the support of the ministry at a later stage, adding that the work produced will be displayed through the communication sites Social Ministry, followers vote is received, to choose the most quality.

An influential artistic medium

Participants in the workshop, and experts who provided an explanation on the document, and how to draw points from it to serve a short work of art, praised the efforts of the Ministry of Tolerance in the adoption of talented in the fields of production of short films.

They affirmed their determination to provide good work, which could be a more effective way to promote the values ​​of tolerance and human brotherhood, locally, regionally and globally.

Afra Al-Sabri:

The workshop focuses on introducing youth to the document of human brotherhood and its importance, and the goals of the Ministry of Tolerance.


Young people of different nationalities, graduates and university students, participate in the workshop.