JR West Japan To examine how to evacuate in advance of damage caused by inundation of vehicles November 8, 18:44

Tatsuo Kurushima, the president of JR West, suffers from flooding of the Hokuriku Shinkansen due to the heavy rain caused by typhoon No.19. Clarified the idea.

In Typhoon No. 19, the Shinkansen rolling stock center in Nagano City was flooded, and the 10 Hokuriku Shinkansen trains, including the two trains owned by JR West, were flooded and all were scrapped.

Mr. Tatsuo Kurushima, president of JR West, said at a conference held in Tokyo on the 8th about the countermeasures against inundation of vehicle bases, etc. “I think inundation damage is an annoying place where advance predictions can be made. I would like to consider appropriate measures to deal with risks, such as evacuation, '' and stated the idea of ​​considering how to evacuate in advance if there is a risk that the vehicle may get wet. .

Within JR West's jurisdiction, of the five Shinkansen rolling stock bases, three locations in Hakusan City, Hiroshima City, and Okayama City, Ishikawa Prefecture, are in the flood inundation area. Therefore, we are going to investigate the possible damages and countermeasures in case of river flooding.