Jorik Scholten, better known as Lil 'Kleine, says he has not fought with his The Voice of Holland colleague Anouk. The rapper also says he is not after a fight. He said that on Thursday at De Coen and Sander Show on Radio 538.

"I want to focus on The Voice, " said Scholten. "I am not in the mood for a fight. I think the media has expressed enough, I think Anouk has expressed enough and I am happy with that."

The rapper says that he "made a lot of fun" for the tenth season. "And we are going to finish that with great pleasure too."

Earlier this week, RTL Boulevard reported that the two The Voice coaches had landed in a fight.

It was suggested in the entertainment program that Lil 'Kleine Anouk would have called him a name and that it then came to a fight, after which the recordings had to be stopped. Anouk would have said afterwards that he no longer wanted to be in one room with the rapper.

According to insiders, the incident took place during the shooting of the talent show. The knockout phase of the program was then recorded with guest coaches, including Marco Borsato and Angela Groothuizen, who previously assisted candidates in the program.

According to RTL, this was chosen because it is the tenth season, but according to Shownieuws , the goal was that Lil 'Kleine and Anouk did not have to be in the studio at the same time.

RTL did not want to say what exactly happened between the two artists and what was the cause of the fight. The channel does not respond to rumors that were discussed in RTL Boulevard . The station spoke of a "collision" and said that the cold between the two is not over yet.