Zimbabwe's 11-year-old Rebecca Moncomboi was greeted with heroes after rescuing a friend from the crocodile's jaws with a lot of courage and risk.

Moncumbwe said she rescued her 9-year-old friend Latoya Mwani by jumping on the back of a crocodile and then blindfolded him, Zimbabwean media reported.

As Rebecca and her friends returned from swimming on a stream near their home in the village of Cinderella, they heard a screaming from the water, and the girl was stunned to see a crocodile dragging her friend into the water, local newspaper The Sunday Times reported.

While all the other children were scared or ran away, Rebecca rushed towards the water, jumped over the crocodile and began to flick his eyes until he pushed him to relax his jaws from Latoya.

It was reported that the brave girl ran towards the crocodile that captured Latoya; from her hand and leg, and then began to beat him with fists, but apparently strikes did not disturb the crocodile at all, so she used her finger to poke his eyes to loosen his jaws from Latoya and then swam away from the crocodile Who never attacked them again.