RTL confirms the rumors that something has happened between The Voice coaches Anouk and Lil 'Kleine. The station speaks of a "collision" and says that the cold between the two is not over yet.

RTL does not want to say what exactly happened between the two artists and what was the cause of the fight. The channel does not respond to rumors that were discussed in RTL Boulevard .

It was suggested in the entertainment program that Lil 'Kleine Anouk would have called him a name and that it then came to a fight, after which the recordings had to be stopped. Anouk would have said afterwards that he no longer wanted to be in one room with the rapper.

According to insiders, the incident took place during the shooting of the talent show. The knockout phase of the program was then recorded with guest coaches who previously assisted candidates in the program. According to RTL, this was chosen because it is the tenth season, but according to Shownieuws , the goal was that Lil 'Kleine and Anouk did not have to be in the studio at the same time.

Chantal Janzen: "It's a shame I wasn't there"

The presenter of the talent show Martijn Krabbé confirms in conversation with RTL News that he has been informed that an "incident" has taken place, but says he has not been there.

According to Krabbé, the problems between Anouk and Lil 'Kleine have not yet been resolved, but this is not unusual on the set of the program. "It often happens that coaches compete against each other at the cutting edge," said the 51-year-old presenter.

Chantal Janzen, who takes over the presentation of The Voice of Holland from Wendy van Dijk, who switched to SBS, thinks it is a shame that she was not present. "We would have been there with popcorn," said the 40-year-old presenter. She does not speak of a "quarrel" but of a "disagreement". "They don't restrain themselves either, they aren't both like that."

On Friday, November 8, the tenth season of The Voice starts at RTL 4. In addition to Anouk and Lil 'Kleine, Ali B and Waylon play the role of coach.