Jaimie Vaes briefly moved into her home in Ibiza to get used to motherhood. "You don't want to fail," she says in an interview with Glamor .

The 29-year-old Vaes, who is married to rapper Lil 'Kleine, says in the interview that she got tired a month after the birth of their child and also suffered from an inflamed breast.

After consulting with her mother, Vaes decided to fly to Ibiza and stop breastfeeding.

"Not only because I was able to relinquish it just a little bit more, but also because I felt more Jaimie again. Soon after, I went to my second home in Ibiza with Lío. I thought: I can relax comfortably there become a mother. "

"Let me figure it out"

Vaes felt too much watched in the Netherlands to quietly get used to motherhood: "You do not want to fail. And with us it is true that if we went to have lunch in the Cornelis Schuytstraat, the whole world was immediately stuck with such eyes. looking at how I gave a bottle. I found that difficult. I thought: let me figure it out there, in the sun, that is more relaxed for everyone. "

Now that the child is already a few months old, motherhood is also starting to get a bit simpler: "I just needed a while to get used to the fact that nothing revolves around me anymore, haha. And then I have my cousin Jill who I am constantly assisting me. Really, I have received so much respect for single moms (single mothers, ed.)! I cannot imagine that I would have to do this without Jorik (Scholten, the real name of Lil 'Kleine, ed.) "Not normal, hats off."