• The new training method with which you can lose 8 kilos in a month

The 'haters' of physical activity have fewer and fewer excuses to justify their lack of movement because being fit was never so simple and, above all, so fun. With more and more disciplines and tools with which to train in an effective and healthy way, the 'the gym bores me' no longer sneaks. Who does not train is because he does not want (or because laziness can).

Managed by American physiotherapists , the penultimate invention that appears on the 'fitness' stage brandishing the seductive promise of working our muscles as carefully as efficiently while raising our pulsations is called waff (@go_method). What is it? Apparently, an inflatable pillow of different sizes on which to lie down to watch TV or take a nap. But, in addition to all that (which also applies), the waff is (like the bosu, for example) an unstable surface on which an almost unlimited repertoire of exercises, short and very effective is performed .

These are functional movements , most of them executed with the body weight itself (although additional material such as elastic bands or weights can also be used), which involve the main muscle groups, especially the core of our body (the 'core' ').

By working on an unstable, uniform and constant surface, it allows to achieve an integral body conditioning, promoting coordination, cardiovascular capacity, endurance, strength, balance, mobility or proprioception, speed, among other qualities. All this, in addition, reducing muscle tension and without impact to the joints, eliminating support areas that can cause discomfort or pain.

But there is still more, the fact that we have to strive to maintain balance increases the intensity with which we perform the exercise. Why? In order not to fall, "the Central Nervous System (CNS) transfers to the muscles the need to contract to control the imbalance, implying a deeper use of muscle fibers to maintain stability," as explained by its creators.


"It is an amazing method that allows to improve the physical condition butt without impact for the joints. It is used by many NBA players, such as the great Lebron James, because it supports up to 200 kilos of weight," explains Martín Giacchetta, co-founder of Boutique Gym (Madrid) and one of the first coaches waff is using in Spain.

Suitable for all audiences (even for children, pregnant women and the elderly), in addition to being a very useful tool in injury recovery processes, it is designed to correct posture and reduce muscle tension, for example in the office.

Placed in the lower back, its mini version relieves the lumbar spine and releases respiratory capacity, which helps reduce tension in the neck and upper back.

If you want to know more about the waff method do not miss the report that was broadcast last Sunday in the Telemadrid Health to Day program.

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