“Kyo-Ani” arson case 500 people attended the memorial service for the victims Kyoto November 2 18:41

An event was held in Kyoto City to commemorate the deceased employee in the case of the Kyoto Animation studio being arson, and the parties and supporters of the animation industry attended and looked up to say goodbye.

In July, the first studio of Kyoto Animation in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, was set on fire, 36 people were killed and 33 were severely injured.

The “farewell and aspirational ceremony” to commemorate the deceased employees was held in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City on the 2nd, and about 500 people from the anime industry and supporters gathered.

First, after all the attendees gave a silence, President Hideaki Hatta of Kyoto Animation said that there are still days when I can't hold my tears.

And after being encouraged by donations and messages from all over the world, "I knew that the work had arrived so much in the world. Animation that fosters dreams, hope and excitement for people all over the world." "I want to deliver", and showed his determination to continue to make works in the future.

Subsequently, the attendees went to the altar set up and turned their flowers in order to pray to the deceased employees.

In the corner of the venue, there was also a space to display works such as messages and illustrations from around the world such as China, Germany and Brazil.

A memorial ceremony for the general public will be held on the 3rd and 4th at this venue.

A collection of messages from Thai fans

There is a man who sent a collection of messages from Kyoto to Kyoto Animation in time for the memorial party on the 2nd.

The work was produced by a new employee, Mr. New (25), who lives near Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

In Thailand, Japanese anime is popular, and New became a big fan of Kyoto Animation's work “K-On!” When he was in high school.

In response to the incident in July, I gathered messages by calling on fans in Thailand on the SNS and wanting to keep up with the pain of the people of Kyoto Animation who gave me the opportunity to make important memories of my youth. It was.

There were over 300 messages and illustrations received, and last month we completed a collection of approximately 30 pages of messages.

Messages such as “Let me overcome my sorrow” and “I will continue to support you” are written in Thai and Japanese.

“You don't have to rush, so walk forward one step at a time, and if your heart and body are cured, make a good work again. We are with you. I was talking.

"Baja's Studio" NHK broadcast on 4th

NHK will broadcast a short animation "Baja's Studio" produced by Kyoto Animation on a comprehensive TV from 8:15 am on the 4th.

This is the first TV broadcast with a heart-warming work that depicts the everyday life of “Baja” living in the studio and the people who are dedicated to producing anime.

Broadcast to the world through NHK World JAPAN.