On Friday, November 1, Channel Four aired the fourth edition of the eighth season of the Voice vocal show.

The manner of performance of the contestant Ekaterina Steblina was immediately appreciated by two mentors - Valery Syutkin and Polina Gagarina. For the performance, the girl chose the song “In my city” by Zhanna Aguzarova, the music of which was composed by Alla Pugacheva, and the words - Ilya Reznik. The singer thanked Syutkin for choosing a song and original performance.

“I really liked these top decisions, you had some individual ones, without sending to Zhanna Khasanovna (Aguzarova. - RT ),” he shared his opinion. However, without much thought, the girl opted for the team of Gagarina.

The jury was surprised by the performance of Muscovite Philip Lebedev with a cover of the Beggin song of The Four Seasons (the “rebirth” of which occurred in 2007 with the release of the track version from the Norwegian band Madcon). Three musicians immediately invited the musician to their teams: Sergey Shnurov, Polina Gagarina and Valery Syutkin, who announced the start of a “bidding” for the musicians.

Lebedev decided to join the Shnurov team. Rocker hastened to notice that he was not engaged in self-promotion:

“It’s not my fault, I didn’t bargain, didn’t climb and did not say how good I am. Behaved quieter than water below the grass. "

The first vocalist to whom all four members of the jury turned, was Valeria Mironova. She performed a hit by Lady Gaga Poker Face (according to Rolling Stone magazine, this is one of the hundred best tracks of the 2000s). Mentors undertook to advertise their workshops.

“I’m an idol of warm, lamp people. Come to me and I will make you a queen, ”said Syutkin, and then passed the floor to Konstantin Meladze.

He, in turn, noted that, in comparison with other mentors, he presses the red button less frequently, which is no accident.

“Still, I want to hear what I want. You sang so powerfully and comprehensively somehow. You absolutely stunningly keep the rhythm and groove - easily, naturally and at the same time absolutely precisely, in rhythm. If you get into my team, you will be shown on TV for quite some time, ”the composer propelled himself. Mironova decided to join his team.

Three mentors turned to the next participant, Maxim Subachev from Chelyabinsk - this time Meladze decided not to press the red button. The vocalist sang Aloe Black's single singer I Need a Dollar, known for his series How to Succeed in America.

After Subachev’s performance, Gagarina asked him to sing something in Russian, which the musician successfully dealt with by performing a cover of Nikolai Noskov’s song “It's Great”.

By tradition, Valery Syutkin began to invite the musician to his wards. For clarity, he applied a new tactic and compared his team and teams of colleagues with football clubs.

In the "club" Syutkin, who can enter the Major League, Subachev can play a central striker. But in the club of Shnurov (analogue of Real Madrid), the musician will sit on the bench, and from there he can be “dumped,” Syutkin assured. The club Polina Subachev will "go for a replacement." The vocalist, however, chose Shnurov as his mentor.

The team of Polina Gagarina was supplemented by the participant Olga Urazgalieva. She presented a cover of the hit Halo singer Beyoncé. And the next vocalist, Polina Tyrina from Nur-Sultan, was invited to join the team by Konstantin Meladze.

“You sang so convincingly and targetedly,“ Don’t leave, stay with me. ” I sincerely took this as an appeal to myself. I’m not leaving, I’m ready to be with you, ”he explained his choice.

“When Konstantin turned, I said inside myself:“ The third is superfluous, ”remarked Shnurov.

By the end of the release, two vocalists joined the team of Valery Syutkin. One of them was Arsen Mukendi, a native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who sang Stevie Wonder’s hit Superstition (the same Rolling Stone magazine recognized the song as one of the five hundred greatest songs of all time).

The second to the team Syutkina joined a participant from Gibraltar Karin Soiref. For the performance, she chose the single All I Ask of the British singer Adele. Soiref was the last one in the fourth issue of mentors invited to the team.

The musicians Dmitry Mosichuk, Oleg Shadrin, Olga Ilyukhina and the Belarusian singer Ruslan Alekhno could not pass the qualifying stage. Syutkin called his performance too academic, and it seemed to Meladze that the song “I Will Pick Music” from Alekhno came out too “restaurant”.

“This is a retro restaurant,” Meladze hastened to clarify.

According to the results of the first four issues of the qualifying stage of “Voices”, the most people in the team were Sergey Shnurov - nine vocalists became his wards. Eight musicians in the teams of Valery Syutkin and Polina Gagarina and seven people in the collective of Konstantin Meladze.