The Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) has chosen Mexican cinema «Guest of Honor» for its 41st session to be held next November.

The festival features eight Mexican films and honors two of its filmmakers - screenwriter Guillermo Ariaga and Carlos Regades.

Gabriel Ribstein, winner of the 2015 first prize for the Berlin Film Festival, and son of renowned Mexican director Arturo Ribstein are also guests.

"There is a lot of resemblance between Mexican cinema and Egyptian cinema over time," said festival director and screenwriter Mohamed Hefzi. "Both have gone through golden ages, during which a number of classics have influenced local, regional and sometimes international cinema."

"There was also a black recession at the technical level or in the volume of production, but thanks to a new generation of filmmakers, Mexican cinema has been able to come back to the fore," he said.

For his part, the Ambassador of Mexico in Cairo, Octapio Trip, said that the selection of Mexican cinema «guest of honor» Cairo Film Festival «is an important incentive to discover new areas of cooperation between Mexico, Africa and the Middle East», pointing out that the festival is suitable for meeting filmmakers from around the world. The 41st edition of the festival will be held from 20 to 29 November with the participation of about 150 films from 63 countries. The course bears the name of the late critic Youssef Sharif Rizkallah, the artistic director of the festival, who died in July.


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