Remuneration for former president Ghosn's sister, etc.

It turned out that Nissan was pointed out by the Tokyo National Tax Bureau about 150 million yen over the series of misconducts by former Ghosn of Nissan Ghosn. The NTA has recognized the remuneration paid to the former president's sister as private spending and determined that it was not recognized as an expense for Nissan.

A series of injustices such as Carlos Ghosn's chairman,
▼ Concluded a consultant contract with an ex-chairman's sister and paid $ 755,000 (about 82 million yen at the current rate) as a reward.
▼ A large amount of donations were made to a university in Lebanon where the former president came from without going through formal procedures.
It has become clear.

According to the officials, the NTA has a taxation period of 7 years in the event of fraud. As a result of conducting a three-year survey up to the fiscal year ended March 31, 2014, these expenditures were approximately 150 million. It was found that 10,000 yen was recorded as an expense for Nissan's secretary's office.

The NTA has determined that such expenditure is private to the former chairman and is not recognized as Nissan's expense, and pointed out that the tax return was about 150 million yen.

The additional tax, including the double addition tax, amounts to tens of millions of yen.

Nissan said, “We will refrain from commenting, but we have confirmed the misconduct of the former presidents through internal investigations and will take necessary actions to claim damages in the future.”