Dedicated contact for Hello Work with support for the “Employment Ice Age” generation Oct. 30 6:29

In order to strengthen employment support for the so-called “working ice age” generation, the Tokyo Labor Bureau decided next month to set up its own dedicated contacts for two Hello Work in Tokyo.

The “Job Age Ice Age” generation was people who entered the society during the difficult period of employment after the burst of the bubble. I will focus on employment support.

The Tokyo Labor Bureau decided to set up its own dedicated contacts at Hello Work in Ikebukuro and Tachikawa in the middle of next month in order to advance this effort.

The two Hello Work is that the number of job seekers is relatively large in Tokyo, and the needs of the ice age are likely to be high.

The window is called the “Middle Generation Challenge Corner”, and multiple staff members form a team for people aged 35 to 54, introducing vocational training, recruiting jobs that are likely to find employment, and consulting on lifestyle planning. It corresponds to.

The estimated number of non-regular employees who want full-time employees during the ice age of employment is estimated at 500,000, and the government has shown a policy of increasing this generation's regular employment by 300,000 in three years.