Two new streaming platforms will prepare for war. The first to disembark will be Apple TV + , which on day 1 goes on the market with a price as low as its catalog: € 4.99 per month or free for one year for those who buy a device from the company. Hence, its main recruitment strategy has been to sign movie and television stars.

Oscar-winning Alfonso Cuarón was the last to join a long list formed by Steven Spielberg , the co-creator of Lost JJ Abrams , the producer and screenwriter of Battlestar Galactica Ronald D. Moore , the creator of Peaky Blinders Steven Knight , the father of El sixth sense M. Night Shyamalan , actress and producer Reese Witherspoon , director of La La Land Damien Chazelle or Oprah Winfrey herself .

The second platform will be Disney + and will debut in the United States on November 12 with a price of $ 6.99 per month or $ 69.99 per year. Although Spain will not arrive until 2020, at 6.99 euros, the investment seems more than profitable given the amount of properties it accumulates: only Disney titles add up to 500 movies and 7,500 episodes of television series and programs. But it will also include Lucasfilm's productions, that is, the entire Star Wars universe, including new series such as The Mandalorian , available only on this platform; the cinematographic universes of Marvel and Pixar, in addition to their new series, already in production; or the 30 seasons of The Simpsons after acquiring 21st Century Fox.

In the words of Bob Iger , CEO of Disney, this platform is "the most important product that the company has launched" in recent times and its overwhelming catalog will be the key to its success. In fact, the company has published a three-hour trailer - exactly 197 minutes and 53 seconds - with everything they will offer, a video library especially attractive to the family audience.

It will complete the list of HBO Max news, a service that will start operating in the United States and in beta at the end of 2019 and will be available in full in the spring of 2020. The price is still to be determined, but according to various media it will be around 16 dollars a month. In short, last year AT&T finalized the purchase of Time Warner , which in turn owns HBO, for $ 85 million. After renaming this group as WarnerMedia , the telecommunications company announced the development of a streaming service that will include all its assets.

The result is the aforementioned HBO Max, a platform with "10,000 hours of premium content" that will offer all HBO titles, Warner movies and series - among them the quoted Friends - BBC series, Turner classics and programming TBS, TNT, CNN, truTV and Cartoon Network. They will also broadcast original productions such as a female prequel to the Dune saga, a reimagination of Grease or a sequel to Gossip Girl .

Regarding its strategy, for John Stankey , director of operations of AT&T, the group needs to "be bigger and go further", which translates into more hours of content not a month or a week, but a day . "We are competing with devices that capture the viewer's attention every 15 minutes," he said.

These three platforms are intended, in this way, with a portion of the cake that dominates Netflix - with 150 million users who in Spain pay between 7.99 and 15.99 euros per month - and to which Amazon Prime - with 100 million users and a price of 36 euros a year- also aspires. As the e-commerce company, Apple TV + seeks in this business to diversify its revenue streams to ultimately sell more iPhones, iPads and other devices with manzanita. After years of licensing its contents, Disney decided to exploit its brand in the digital universe. And in the case of HBO Max, stop the loss of customers of their other television businesses - cable - and capture new and young viewers are their main objectives.

Netflix, the only service whose main business is video streaming, will continue to be the king of content investment with more than $ 14,000 million this year alone. Apple has dedicated about 6,000 million; Amazon is between 4,000 and 6,000 million dollars; HBO Max will cost between 2,400 and 3,900 million, to which the 1,500 million HBO should be added; and Disney +, about 2,000 million. All ready for battle.

The arrival of these new actors opens a huge battery of questions around the consumer. How many services are you willing to hire? Will you study each of these catalogs to choose which one best suits your needs or could the fragmentation of the offer throw you back into the arms of piracy? The answer, in 2020.

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