Children's book writer Rob Ruggenberg died on Saturday at the age of 73.

"Unfortunately, on behalf of his wife Hannie Ruggenberg-Van Holstein, we have to share this sad message", can be read in a tweet on the writer's account on Tuesday.

"To our great sorrow, Rob Ruggenberg died unexpectedly on Saturday morning at the age of 73."

Ruggenberg worked for various newspapers. In 2006 he decided to focus entirely on writing children's books. His debut, The Betrayal of Waterdunen , was nominated for the Thea Beckman Prize for the best historical youth novel of the year.

We are very sad to share this news with you: last weekend Rob Ruggenberg died. With Rob, Querido not only loses a very good writer, but also a man who put friendship and loyalty above everything else.

Avatar AuthorQuerido_kindMoment of places09: 06 - 29 October 2019