Abu Dhabi residents have recently observed a large number of orange scooters on the sidewalks of the capital, especially on major streets such as the Corniche, in conjunction with a significant increase in the number of users of this type of bicycle in the city. The 1,000-minute Serk monthly package offers the equivalent of 100 trips - three dirhams per trip and more than 30 minutes a day - enough for a daily round trip.

In fact, these bicycles are part of a service launched in Abu Dhabi under the slogan “First and Last Mile”, which aims to enable members of the community to reach their final destination in a fast and economical way, considering that electric bicycles are an effective and easy and environmentally friendly means of transport for short daily commutes for work and entertainment. Between public transport bus stops and commercial, marketing, service, residential and recreational centers, and in accordance with this initiative, strategic locations have been identified in the Corniche area, and near the public transport stops and «Row and mobility» sites, in order to facilitate multi-media trips. Sirk put their bicycles at those sites.

special design

The special electric scooters are designed with a unique design that can withstand climate conditions in the GCC, with larger wheels and a wider base for better stability and control.It also features longer-lasting batteries, best-in-class brake system technology, and many outstanding features. Other. As the co-founder and CEO of Sirk in the Middle East and North Africa, Jaidip Danua, pointed out that the company's electric bikes were provided with additional elements to provide a comfortable ride experience, such as the phone holder to provide a safe journey on the map and the bag holder For personal purposes. Every ride on the SIRC is provided with personal accidents, third party liability and product liability in the UAE. No accidents have been reported among the users of electric bicycles in Abu Dhabi so far. , In areas designated for use across the corniche, Al Dana and Al Bateen areas.

The Director of Traffic Studies Department at the Integrated Transport Center, Eng. Abdullah Al-Eryani, pointed out that local and international companies wishing to engage in the activity of electric bicycles can start this after obtaining the necessary license, no-objection certificates from the Transport Center and other concerned parties, and working within the established requirements. The main objective is to maintain the safety and security of the members of the community, including the use of electric bicycles in the designated places and paths only, away from the streets and places of transit of vehicles, and not to disrupt the flow of lanes or traffic Thier safety in the road, and parking bicycles in designated areas. These companies will be able to offer their services on pedestrian and bicycle paths, while the first phase will include the Corniche and Khalifa Street in Abu Dhabi. With the success of the initiative, SIRC provided this service in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, and started expanding operations in Saudi Arabia.

How does the service work?

The Sirk experience starts by downloading the app and selecting the nearest electric bike available for rent. The user can then ride inside the service areas, including biking trails, wide sidewalks and local streets, and finally responsibly stop the electric bicycles anywhere within the service area. For new users of bicycles or those experiencing unexpected problems, SIRC provides a local help center through phone numbers printed on the bike and through the chat room on the app.

AED 3 per trip

The public can use bicycles according to the monthly bundles of regular users, with several options, including 150 minutes for AED 100 (33% discount), 400 minutes for AED 200 (50% discount), or 1000 minutes for AED 300 (70% discount), opening Free bike lock for unlimited trips. The 1,000-minute Serk monthly package offers the equivalent of 100 trips, three dirhams per trip, and more than 30 minutes a day, enough for a daily round trip between three and four kilometers per direction.

Abdullah Al-Eryani:

• “Companies should offer their services on pedestrian and bicycle paths.”

• Bicycles come as part of a service launched under the slogan «First and Last Mile».

• In the first month the percentage of accidents was zero% in the areas of use.