The life of Floor Jansen has been quite upside down since her participation in Best Singers . The singer has been internationally successful for years with metal band Nightwish, but is a household name in the Netherlands by singing weekly on television in one fell swoop. In conversation with she says she is happy that her participation in the program removes prejudices about metal music.

Jansen, who became the front woman of the Finnish metal band Nightwish in 2012, states that the larger Dutch audience had a certain image of metal that is not right. "A lot of people think that metal is only aggressive music that is made by screaming men with long hair," she says.

The singer says that she has been told several times that metal is 'satanic', is always about 'death and destruction' and that "this bin of noise is made by nasty people". "Dutch metal is a household name abroad, a celebrated phenomenon. In the Netherlands it is often ignored while it is a very diverse genre."

Jansen saw her participation in Best Singers as an opportunity to introduce herself again to her native country. "To be honest, I didn't know the program yet, because I don't live in the Netherlands. When I started to think about it, I thought it would be a good opportunity to be able to communicate to the Netherlands who I am and what I do."

Dear Singers also gives more attention to Nightwish

"I was able to hand over my musical calling card, opening doors again and hopefully removing some prejudices about metal." The singer says she already notices a difference in how people talk to her about the genre.

"It would be too short to say 'you see', but I hear so often from people in my area who first hear my music that they say:" this is actually very beautiful and different from I expected. "I am getting that back on a larger scale."

Her participation not only ensures attention for her person, but also for her band. Nightwish recently announced a second show for November 2020 in the Ziggo Dome. "It just went well with Nightwish, but it's going even faster now."

Although her participation in the program had more effect than she had dared to hope, she states that it was not easy. "You play with a band that you don't know music that you don't know well. I was really far from my comfort zone. And it's also on television so it must be great."

'A solo album is really still a future for the time being'

The singer was surprised when she noticed that her performances became hits week after week. "I had never bothered with views and trending , but it was great to see how enormously it lives in the Netherlands." Jansen emphasizes that this not only applies to her own performances, but also that of her fellow candidates, who were also appreciated by her Finnish band members.

Jansen decided to forge the iron when it is hot and will start early next year with Best Singers colleague Henk Poort on a quickly sold out club tour through the Netherlands. "The show is perfect for the people who get to know me now, because it's actually an introduction to everything I've done in the past twenty years."

She also promises a special experience for fans of the first hour. "It is a unique opportunity to play the work in a smaller, intimate setting. With Nightwish we are actually alone in arenas so this is something completely different."

With the club tour, a new album by Nightwish and an international tour with the band coming, her agenda is packed. There is no time for a solo album or participation in the Eurovision Song Contest yet. "That is all future music. I have to let everything sink in after the crowds and think about what I want then."


Floor Jansen and Henk Poort sing Phantom of the Opera