Spotify has more than 500,000 podcasts on its platform, the Swedish company announced on Monday at the presentation of its quarterly figures. That is about twice as much as six months ago.

In total, almost 14 percent of the number of monthly Spotify users, according to the company, listen to podcasts. That amounts to almost 35 million listeners worldwide.

Spotify has been investing heavily in recent months on podcasts alongside music. At the beginning of 2019, the company took over the podcast publishers Gimlet and Parcast. The number of hours that Spotify users spent listening to podcasts has increased by 39 percent compared to a year earlier. This increased in particular in the US and some European countries.

Apple still has the largest podcast library. Over 750,000 podcasts can now be listened to via iTunes. Both companies also compete in music streaming: Spotify has 113 million paying users and Apple Music had 60 million in June.