BNNVARA is not going to stop Kanniewaarzijn, the satirical program of Astrid Joosten. The presenter informed Friday in Pauw that no new season is planned, but the broadcaster confirms to that "as far as they are concerned" just a new series is coming.

" Indeed, cannabis reality is not included in the schedule, but as far as we are concerned, we will continue," says a BNNVARA spokesperson.

Joosten, who has been making the program since 2011, told Friday in Pauw that Kanniewaarzijn will not be broadcast next season. "I don't know why," said Joosten about what she was told by the NPO. "That's all very messy. That makes you grumpy, yes."

As a result, it became unclear whether Kanniewaarzijn would be permanently removed from television, but according to BNNVARA this is not yet the case. The NPO has therefore decided not to include the program in the broadcast schedule this season.

Joosten is co-creator of the program

The informative-satirical program Kanniewaarzijn takes companies, governments and institutions on the heels. All sketches are based on true absurd stories.

Joosten presents the program and the sketches are made by well-known actors, including Owen Schumacher, Alex Klaasen, Plien van Bennekom and Pierre Bokma.

The format of the program was co-devised by Joosten and originated from the section Discarded money from the VARA program Everything revolves around money. So far, thirteen seasons have been made.