At the school bullying elementary school postponed such as excursion Voice of doubt at the school board October 24 14:30

In response to the bullying problem caused by a teacher at a public elementary school in Kobe, it was revealed that a temporary school board was held and school events such as excursions were postponed at this elementary school.

An extraordinary board of education was held on the 24th in Kobe City's Higashi-Suma Elementary School in response to the problem that several teachers repeatedly bullied their colleagues to force them to eat a spicy curry.

In this, the secretariat of the committee explained the policy of renovating the home economics room, which was the site of bullying as part of the child's mental care, and the policy not to curry for lunch for the time being. Commented that critics say, “You should think more in total”.

In addition, this week, it was revealed that school events such as excursions that were scheduled were postponed, and the committee responded that the safety measures were taken so that children would not be harassed where they went. Opinions that questioned one after another.

On the other hand, Kobe City decided to dispose of the perpetrator's teacher without accepting it even if the perpetrator's teacher offered to apply for resignation. Considering that criticism has been issued, we are also considering submitting to the city council a draft ordinance that suspends salary payments.