UAE astronaut Hazza al-Mansouri has posted a video on his Twitter account, where he made a tour of the International Space Station, speaking in Arabic, a historical precedent.

Through the video, Al-Mansouri revealed the different units that help astronauts perform their daily tasks.

Al-Mansouri made the first Arabic tour from the International Space Station, showing the different units that make up the station.

Al-Mansouri began his tour of the living rooms where the crew spends his time, explaining the details of the daily life of the astronauts.

Al-Mansouri then moved to the laboratories on board the station where the astronauts conduct most of their experiments, and then conveyed what is going on behind the scenes to learn more about how astronauts maintain their fitness on board the station.

Later, he showed us the space walk units and how the astronauts performed the maintenance of the station.

Al-Mansouri then filmed a training room where the astronauts put pressure on their bodies to avoid muscle atrophy in a zero-gravity environment, before moving to the storage room and bedrooms.

Al-Mansouri continued his video tour to show us the dining area, to learn how to prepare and eat in space, and then go to the main control panel where astronauts control the station and any new shipments to the station.

Commenting on his video, Al Mansouri said: “Zayed's ambition was full of scientific experiments and new experiences that were accomplished in an intensive schedule, including the joy of sharing this educational reference, recording the first tour of the International Space Station in Arabic, concluding in the record of the world of space. . "