Actress Rose McGowan has sued former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and filed the relevant documents with a Los Angeles court. This report the industry publication Varitey . Accordingly, she accuses Weinstein and his representatives of the "diabolical and illegal" attempt to silence the victims of sexual violence. She is said to have harassed her too in the face of the allegations of rape.

"Weinstein's campaign against McGowan and others included some of the most powerful forces money can buy," the complaint says. It is directed not only against Weinstein directly, but also against his former lawyers David Boies and Lisa Bloom and against the international spy agency Black Cube, which had once hired the 67-year-old. They are accused of, inter alia, the violation of privacy, fraud and emotional distress.

Weinstein rejected the allegations by his lawyer. Also, the lawyer of Lisa Bloom denied the allegations.

McGowan was one of the first women to publicize allegations of sexual assault by Weinstein, contributing to the global #Metoo movement. According to their own account, the actress - known from the TV series Charmed - was raped in 1997 by the producer. When Weinstein found out in 2016 that she wanted to write about the rape in her planned book, he had put all the levers to prevent a publication of the case or McGowan as untrustworthy, according to the lawsuit. The 46-year-old demands in court for compensation of an undisclosed amount.

Meanwhile, Weinstein is accused by more than 80 women of sexual harassment or rape. Among them are celebrity actresses like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd or Salma Hayek. The allegations led to # MeToo's global campaign against sexual assault and violence against women.

In 2018, the film producer in New York was charged with criminal sexual acts. The trial is scheduled to begin next January. These are two women who accuse Weinstein of rape in 2013 and forced oral sex in 2006. Weinstein asserted that all sexual acts were consensual.