• Controversy: Cristina Morales, about Catalonia: "It is a joy that there is fire instead of open coffee shops"
  • Recognition: The Wild Writing of Cristina Morales, National Narrative Award 2019

The actor and playwright Albert Boadella has criticized Thursday the words of the writer Cristina Morales , who after being awarded the National Narrative Prize told Europa Press that it was "a joy" for her to see fire in the streets of Barcelona instead of "coffee shops and stores open".

"People who fan in fire are foolish," Boadella said in response to the media during the presentation of the work 'What if we fall in love?', In the Theaters of the Canal de Madrid.

In his opinion, statements such as those of the winner seek "to get what happens in Catalonia", which in his opinion "is a national tragedy ," go "for courses that nobody wants." "99 percent of Spaniards do not want Catalonia to separate from Spain and that can happen. I am one of those who think it will happen," he said.

For Boadella, "everyone likes to have their property respected" and the Spaniards are "participants" in the "great society that is Spain" . "We are all co-owners and if they steal a few hectares you get pissed off. Some shareholders are going to take their share without us having anything to say," he said.

For his part, the president of Citizens, Albert Rivera , criticized Morales on social networks yesterday for his statements. "I hope that the check of 20,000 euros corresponding to the National Narrative Prize given by the Government will set on fire. I don't think he will want to collect that money from the Spanish people he hates," wrote the leader of the orange formation.

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