It is pointed out that the newly opened Gyeongbokgung work clothes reminiscent of the People's Clothing.

On the 18th, the Cultural Heritage Administration's Gungungung Heritage Headquarters held a fashion show at Geunjeongjeon, Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, and unveiled new working clothes for the palace and royal tombs of Joseon. Chung Jae-sook, director of the Cultural Heritage Administration, said, "We will try to introduce beautiful palaces and royal tombs with the new work clothes." Contrary to the intention of the Cultural Heritage Administration, however, the workwear was on a cutting board online. The officials who checked the work clothes expressed their opinion that they did not fit with the palace, such as "Isn't the people's clothes style better?"

On the 21st of the National Assembly's National Audit for National Culture, Sports, and Tourism Committee, lawmaker Cho Kyung-tae, freelancer of the new work clothes and the North Korean people's clothes, compared the North Korean people's clothes and raised the question, "Isn't there many Korean traditional clothes?" In relation to this, an official from the Korea Cultural Heritage Administration interviewed the Hankook Ilbo, saying, "The ticket salesman and safety management occupation are not active enough to wear Hanbok. "I've tried to keep the traditional elements in place, or by applying the palace wall design rather than the zipper."

"There was an opinion that the design of the work clothes was unfamiliar, so I tried to reflect that opinion, and the final design came out through various processes such as employee surveys and public surveys." I plan to add the traditional elements of hanbok to the commentator's dress. ”

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(Photo = Twitter Capture / Yonhap News)