Kewpie pasta sauce with foreign matter mixed 80,000 self-collection October 23, 18:35

A major food maker, “Kewpie”, announced that it will collect over 80,000 items on a voluntary basis because it has been manufactured in Italy and has been contaminated with pasta sauce sold in Japan. According to the company, the contaminated foreign material is not toxic and so far no complaints have been received regarding health damage.

Voluntary collection of the pasta sauce "Arrange Plus" series "Tomato & Mascarpone Sauce", "Tomato & Garlic Sauce" and "Tomato & Basil Sauce" sold by QP, a total of 83,664 .

According to the company, this product is outsourced to an Italian manufacturer, but at the company's in-house tasting party earlier this month, it was found that foreign matter was mixed in.

As a result of detailed investigation, it was found that the foreign material was part of the rubber parts used in the production line, and that self-collection was decided.

The product in question was sold in 18 prefectures in the Kanto, Kansai, and Tokai regions from August to 23rd, but according to the company, the contaminated foreign material is not toxic, and so far it is a complaint of health damage. Is not received.

Kewpie says, “I am deeply sorry for the concern and inconvenience. In the future, I will further improve quality control and prevent recurrence.”

Inquiries are accepted from 9 am to 5:30 pm at the “Kewpie Customer Service Office” 0120-811-399.