A new study has found a dietary mix that helps protect against "oxidative stress" responsible for aging and low life expectancy, while experts predict that this mixture will be used in the future in several foods. A "magic mix" can protect against aging.

The study says that eating zinc with certain foods such as coffee, chocolate and tea protects against "oxidative stress", which is partly responsible for aging and low life expectancy, according to the site "Heil Praxis" German, citing a study published in the scientific journal "Nature Chemistry".

Zinc activates and acts prophylactically when taken with natural ingredients found in coffee, tea and chocolate, such as the hydroquinone group, which is found in the plant material responsible for the taste and smell of polyphenols.

The most important sources of zinc are animal products, such as red meat, white meat such as fish, shellfish, crab, bird meat, liver, eggs, milk and milk products. Plant sources such as legumes, wheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, corn bran, almonds, walnuts, and cocoa (black chocolate).