Rose McGowan, the woman who was the first to sue Harvey Weinstein for rape and thereby also triggered the #metoo movement, now claims to have been extorted by the now fallen film producer. The actress has filed a complaint against Weinstein and his two former lawyers.

McGowan claims, according to Variety, that Weinstein conspired with his lawyers to suppress her rape charge and to discredit it.

"This is about a diabolical and illegal attempt by one of the most powerful men in America to silence victims of sexual violence," the court papers say.

McGowan, known among others from Scream and Charmed, claims that Weinstein raped her in 1997 during the Sundance film festival.

Weinstein was prosecuted for sexually transcendent behavior on the basis of, among other things, this charge. This case has been postponed earlier and will take place in January 2020.


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