Niigata Murakami Oct. 23 14:14

The traditional fishing method of salmon, “Iuri Ami Ryo”, which is said to be an autumn feature in the northern part of Niigata Prefecture, has begun in the Sanmy River in Murakami City.

Prior to the start of “Iiagemo Net Fishing,” a prayer festival was held at the Mikakami Sakai Fishery Cooperative in Murakami City, hoping for the safety and large-scale salmon fishing.

“Ieame net fishing”, which is said to have continued since the Edo period, is an old-fashioned salmon fishing method carried out in pairs of three boats.

Using a traditional boat that moves the fish down in the water, a net is passed between the 2 boats, and the remaining 1 fishes the surface of the water and drives the salmon back in the river into the net. I will continue.

Veteran fishermen who boarded the boat were skillfully maneuvering the boat to drive the salmon.

Then, after chasing the salmon flock, he worked with a boat that shouted and caught the salmon one after another.

Mr. Kokichi Otaki, who participated in the fishing net fishing, said, “It ’s great. It looks like a big fish. I got a lot of salmon with good feeling.”

Sanmu River salmon fishing continues every day until November 30th.