Each year, Skap awards prizes of SEK 40,000 to people who they consider to mean a great deal for Swedish music creation. Award winners work in genres such as hip hop, pop, rock and film and gaming music. This year's Rock Prize is awarded to the music group Deportees for "with their songwriting exhibited an impeccable craft with their intelligent balance between hopefulness and melancholy", the motivation says.

Henrik Oja and Frida Johansson receive a prize for their music for the computer game Unravel. Photo: Joe Pepler / TT-Rex

Rapper Erik Lundin receives Skap's text award for his autobiographical and personal texts. The pop prize goes to Sibille Attar who "makes unruly and unpredictable pop music with psychedelic features" but, according to Skap, at the same time always manages to "be sensitive and dramatic". This year's hard rock award goes to Graveyard, the activist award to hip hop artist Cleo Missaoui and the punk award to Robert Hurula.

The prizes will be awarded at the association's member evenings in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg in the coming weeks.