• Technology: Filtering that Google achieves quantum supremacy

Quantum supremacy, or demonstration that computers based on this technology are really more effective than the most powerful available today, is already a reality.

For the first time, a large team of researchers, in which Google and NASA participate, has proven that a quantum machine is capable of performing operations that the best inimitable digital technology cannot solve. Or not, at least, in a reasonable time. This was published on Wednesday by the journal Nature , after a preliminary version of the investigation leaked , allegedly by mistake, a few weeks ago.

Specifically, the quantum processor used, called Sycamore , has taken around 200 seconds to produce a result that, according to scientists' estimates, would have led to the best digital supercomputers available around 10,000 years .

"This dramatic increase in speed compared to all known classical algorithms is an experimental realization of quantum supremacy, announcing a highly anticipated computational paradigm," the research notes.

The next step in the development of quantum technology, once proven useful, will be to ensure that the circuits used are not as prone to error as now, according to EL MUNDO in a recent John Martinis, one of the signatories of the pioneer study.

Martinis and his team hope that quantum computing will be the next great technological revolution, with a decisive importance in the development of new devices in many different areas, from robotics to agriculture.

"With the first quantum computation that cannot reasonably be emulated in a classic computer, we have opened a new computing ground to be explored," said the authors of the experiment.

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