Bibian Mentel, about whom it was announced Tuesday that a new tumor was found in her twelfth vertebra, will probably be operated on at the end of November. The snowboard champion will receive an MRI scan next week to prepare an operation plan.

"My neurosurgeon had seen me dance on TV on Saturday and he was shocked by what he saw during the check. Initially, the check was scheduled for a week later, but he was glad that we did it earlier," she says. in conversation with VROUW .

Mentel, who will be in the final of Dancing with the Stars next Saturday, has a chance to break her back when making an "extreme movement" and could therefore suffer a paraplegia.

But she continues her training. "I get so much pleasure out of dancing. It feels like something new to discover! I'm having so much fun, I don't think about cancer for a moment."

In RTL Boulevard the former snowboard star tells us that she finds the operation exciting. "I wonder: how much can my body still have?"

Cancer returned for the eleventh time in July

At the end of July Mentel announced that the cancer had returned for the eleventh time, in the form of tumors in her neck and her back.

The former snowboard star has been struggling with various tumors in her body for a long time. After she was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2001, her lower leg had to be amputated to prevent metastases. Since then, the disease has returned several times. After an operation in March, she was unable to move her legs properly for a while.

Mentel became Dutch snowboard champion six times in the half pipe and snowboard cross sections. In 2002 she became Dutch champion snowboard cross with a prosthesis. She won gold medals at the Paralympic Games of 2014 and 2018.