Autumn leaves seen from the sky Hokkaido Shikotsu Lake October 23 15:09


Around Lake Shikotsu in Chitose City, Hokkaido, maple and yamamomiji are colored in red and yellow, and the lake is colored in autumn.

Lake Shikotsu Mizunara and Itayaka maple colors

On the shores of Lake Shikotsu, one of Japan's most transparent lakes, Mizunara, Itaya Maple, Japanese maple, etc. are colored, and the best time is in full bloom.

At the campsite by the lake, there were people who enjoyed the view of the trees and the lake by setting up a tent.

Lake Okotampe and Betula

At the foot of Mt. Eniwa overlooking Lake Shikotsu, “Okotampe Lake” is said to be one of Hokkaido's three largest secret lakes.

The surface of the lake, which changes color depending on the weather and time of day, was dyed in emerald green. Around Lake Okotampe, the virgin forest of Dake birch spreads around the lake, and the white trunk after the leaves have fallen further enhances the beauty of the lake.

The autumn leaves around Lake Shikotsu can be enjoyed until the end of October.