Actor Hirofumi Arai sentenced to 5 years imprisonment Crime for sexual assault October 23 12:56

In a trial in which actor Hirofumi Arai defendant was charged with sexual assault on a therapist woman, the prosecutor was sentenced to five years in prison as "it was a selfish and self-centered offense and no serious reflection" Was filed. On the other hand, the defendant's lawyer again innocently accused him of “thinking that he had consented”.

Actor defender Hirofumi Arai (40) was charged with a sexual assault on a female therapist in his 30s working at a temporary esthetic shop in his home apartment in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo last July.

In the trial on the 23rd held in the Tokyo District Court, the prosecution said that “It is a selfish and self-centered crime to satisfy sexual desire, and there is no sincere reflection such as making an unreasonable excuse to avoid criminal responsibility” I was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

On the other hand, the defendant's lawyer insisted that he was innocent, saying, “I did not assault and made consent to make the victim's rebellion difficult.

Finally, Defendant Arai pointed out that the contents of the victim's previous testimony and the opinion expressed by the attorney at the court on the 23rd were inconsistent, and `` I wonder why it is different. '' Said.

The ruling will be handed down on December 2nd.