Members of the group's members Barbie and Kim Dong-hyuk have been publicly celebrating the birthday of former member B.I who left the team because of drug charges.
Barbie posted a video of BAI on his Instagram yesterday (22 days) and wrote, "I miss you. Happy birthday." The video shows BIA singing the song 'I Loved' when I was an icon member.
Another member Kim Dong-hyuk also raised the speculation that it was meant to celebrate BAI's birthday by uploading a photo of BIA's birth flower through Instagram story function on the same day.

The netizens who met this "I should have publicly celebrated the birthday of the member who opted out of the drug", "It would have been nice to have celebrated privately", "Because you are friends, you can celebrate your birthday. Some netizens are responding by saying, "I can congratulate you. What?" Or "You can't even birthday to a family friend."

Being caught up in drug buying and medication debates and leaving Ikon in June, he is now a suspect, admitting some charges in a police investigation.

(Photo = Barbie, Kim Dong Hyuk)

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