Friday will release a new posthumous album by Johnny Hallyday, whose titles have been re-recorded in symphonic version.


"It was strong." In a soundproofed room of the Lille Fnac, about twenty Johnny fans are seated, their eyes riveted on the album projected on a wall. Some people shake their heads at the rhythm of the music, others have tears running down their cheeks. "What emotion, what strength! I did not expect to be stirred, shaken, taken to the guts like that," enthuses a fan at the microphone of Europe 1.

Symphonic version

The tracks are from a new posthumous album entitled "Johnny", which will be released on October 25th. Coming from the singer's repertoire, they have been re-recorded with new acoustic or symphonic arrangements. The symphonic arrangements were recorded in London, with 70 musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra. "This philharmonic music behind, it takes us with him, it's a huge tribute to Johnny Hallyday," says another fan.

12 iconic titles

The album will have twelve iconic titles: Living for the better, Not nothing, Something Tennessee, Stop there, The singer abandoned, Diego free in his head, Mary, Requiem for a madman, On my life, That I love you, Blood for Blood and Envy. The public is conquered. "I love them all, the songs, nothing of the kind, her cover of Edith Piaf, I think he sings it very well."